7 ugly urban underpasses now functioning as public parks: “Elevated highways and rail lines were long overdue for a makeover. While freeway cap parks—or removing freeways entirely—have become increasingly popular to reunite cities fragmented by urban highways, capping isn’t always feasible. Instead, many cities are turning transit underpasses into public parks, replacing trash, overgrown weeds, and dark passageways with art installations, funky lights, and pedestrian thoroughfares.”

The Uncanny Power of a City Without Cars: “I recently spent time in Venice, Italy, which was like entering some alternative timeline where this war never happened. Venice’s Centro Storico is Europe’s largest car-free space, a medieval city that somehow managed to make it into the 21st century nearly untouched by internal combustion. And, lemme tell you, it’s weird.”

The Hiking-Obsessed Nature Lover Behind Tycho: “Whether you’re consciously channeling that into the work is kind of inconsequential—I think it’s what puts you into this state, and you’re gonna hold onto elements of that, and it’s going to find its way into the music. I would just say nature is the palette and not necessarily the content.”

Los Angeles Lands Lucas Museum of Narrative Art: “Designed by Ma Yansong, founder of MAD Architects in Beijing, the 275,000-square-foot museum—from above, reminiscent of a spaceship—will feature a landscaped roof level and parkland beneath. It will house the Star Wars creator’s personal collection of fine and popular art, movie ephemera, theaters, a restaurant, and 4,200 square feet of library space.”

California Megaflood: Lessons from a Forgotten Catastrophe: “A 43-day storm that began in December 1861 put central and southern California underwater for up to six months, and it could happen again.”


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