Reimagined: Synthesized Soundscapes of California: “I visited the region from September through October 2014, on a soundscape ecology project purposed to create a sonic profile of California parks, their biophonies and geophonies.To my surprise, every park I visited was a ghost world. Many of the famous forests – Yosemite, Sequoia, Big Sur – were either scorched by wildfires or parched bone dry by the drought. I found no predominant biophonic activity. Throughout over 30 excursions into the wilderness, I was mostly only ever able to capture geophonic sounds – wind, small brooks, trees creaking, rain.

ASLA Named to List of Professional Societies Most Engaged on Climate Issues: The Kresge report, “Professional Societies and Climate Change,” analyzes how professional societies are helping their members integrate climate change into their thinking and decision-making. Researchers found that the professional societies most engaged on climate issues recognize the substantial impacts that climate change will have on their missions and membership.

5 Ways Cities Are Standing Up To Climate Change: “More than 90% of the world’s urban area is coastal, and a good percentage of that coast is threatened by climate change, either in the form of rising sea levels or more powerful storms. Because cities’ populations will face the brunt of global warming, city governments have been forced to make themselves laboratories for innovative responses. A report led by Sustainia, a Danish sustainability think tank, identifies 100 new ideas for improving sustainability in the world’s cities, from converting waste to energy to improving walkability.”

ASLA Business Survey Shows Mixed Signals from Landscape Architecture Firms: “The economic outlook remains mixed for landscape architecture firms, according to the latest American Society of Landscape Architects’ Business Quarterly survey. During the fourth quarter of 2016, firms reported a dip in billable hours and inquiries for new work, with hiring plans noticeably expanding from the previous quarter.”

The Los Angeles metro is great – so why aren’t people using it?: “LA Metro, the Los Angeles rail and bus transit system, is the third most comprehensive system in the entire USA, according to a study by the University of Minnesota. Local online magazine LAist describes it as technically the “best accessible” transit system in the country, while the city’s integrated bus system is “robust” and “incredibly extensive”. Yet, in a metropolitan area of 13m people, only about 360,000 people use rail on an average weekday, and just 855,000 ride the bus.” Hopefully the recent demonstration marches helped Angelenos realize the benefits and features of our transit system and we see an uptick!


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