Renderings revealed for Disney’s Star Wars theme parks: Imaginary landscapes unveiled alongside the announcement of plans for a 14-acre Star Wars-themed extensions to both Disneyland and Disney World theme parks by 2019 (the Star Wars-themed lands are the largest-ever, single-themed land expansions at Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts.)

How cities can stand up to climate change: “Donald Trump has pledged to defund climate change science and undo Barack Obama’s progressive climate legacy. As the White House abandons the climate change fight, “resilience” is becoming a big part of the way cities design and build for the future.”

Yesterday’s Dams Face Tomorrow’s Floods: “Water—whether too much or too little—has a way of revealing weaknesses in design and decision making. For Oroville Dam—the tallest dam in the nation—the crisis began with poor maintenance of its main spillway compounded by wholly inadequate design of the emergency spillway, a known problem. But the crisis at Oroville also raise five broader concerns that California will have to reckon with…”

Scientists Are Working to Make All of L.A. Three Degrees Cooler: “Mayor Eric Garcetti has pledged to reduce L.A.’s average temperature by three degrees over the next two decades (which, if you think about the difference between it being 101 and 98 outside, is a big deal), and, as the Los Angeles Times reports, a group of scientists are actively working towards that goal.”

Despite drought-reducing rains, central California continues to sink: “The most comprehensive study yet of the problem reveals the startling pace and extent of the damage: NASA satellites found the ground subsiding up to 20 inches in a seven-mile area near the Fresno town of Tranquillity, because the state’s subterranean water supply was drained to record lows by farms and towns coping with the recent drought.”


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