The winner of the Competition to Design a House Under the Hollywood Sign: Ambivalent House, experimental residential design. Image: Hirsuta (Jason Payne, Michael Zimmerman, Joseph Giampietro, Ryosuke Imaeda); Los Angeles, California, USA

Hollywood: The Last House on Mulholland Winners Announced: “Arch Out Loud has partnered with Last House on Mulholland (LHOM) to host the HOLLYWOOD design competition. The competition asks participants to design a house of the future which demonstrates the use of innovative technology, integrative environmental strategies, and capitalizes on the iconic prominence of its site beneath the famed Hollywood sign. The competition serves as a design charette generating ideas about the potential for what the site could become and how it can inspire the future of residential design.” And the winners are…

LADWP to Begin Refilling Silver Lake Reservoir: “Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) officials confirmed today that surplus water from the above average snowpack runoff water from the Eastern Sierra region will be made available to refill Silver Lake Reservoir ahead of schedule. Utilizing this water source, the refill of Silver Lake Reservoir will begin in mid-April and take approximately two months. This option replaces the originally planned -May refill of the reservoir using local water resources that would have taken approximately 12 months.”

Another reservoir overflows as Northern California receives more rain: The milestones marking California’s wettest year in decades continued to pile up Thursday, as state water officials said a reservoir high up in the Sierra Nevada has exceeded capacity for the first time in 21 years.

Cornfield Park in Chinatown reopening in April after $20M renovation: “It’s finally happening: An official date for the reopening of Los Angeles State Historic Park has been set. The park, nicknamed Cornfield Park, has been closed for about three years for a transformative, $20-million renovation project to expand the grounds and add a host of new amenities.”

Architecture Enters the Age of Post-Digital Drawing: “The return of the architectural drawing in the digital age is a reinvigoration of the tradition of drawing, but its techniques, tools, and media make it fundamentally new, too. A screen is not only technically different from a page but conceptually different as well.”


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