The 20 Most Bike-Friendly Cities on the Planet: “With each edition, the Copenhagen­ize Design Company’s Index of the most bike-friendly cities in the world evolves. In 2011 we ranked 80 global cities; in 2013 we ranked 150. This year, we considered cities with a regional population over 600,000 (with a few exceptions because of their political and regional importance, and to keep things interesting). We ranked 122 cities. The top 20 are presented here.”

Understanding What Makes Plants Happy: “The big shift in horticulture in the next decade will be a shift from thinking about plants as individual objects to communities of interrelated species. We think it’s possible to create designed plant communities: stylized versions of naturally occurring ones, adapted to work in our gardens and landscapes. This is not ecological restoration, it’s a hybrid of ecology and horticulture.”

Construction to Begin On New Lincoln Heights Park After a Costly Environmental Cleanup: “The triangular shaped park will stretch from Spring Street on the north to nearly Main Street on the south, helping expand the existing Downey Recreation Center. The project will not only provide more green and recreation space to the area, it will also help improve water quality. Runoff from storm drains will be collected, filtered and treated using a variety of techniques before the water flows into the L.A. River and eventually the ocean, according to a project summary.”

The Future of Transportation is Already Here: “Builders and urban planners have learned to limit their thinking because existing regulations and clunky political processes have made it nearly impossible to innovate without years of negotiations. As a result, we’re laying the foundations for a transportation future that carries forward the problems of the past…But there can be another way forward, a new vision of transportation that upsets the four-wheel chariot mode.”

Young Architect Guide: 5 Ways to Tell Your Story Through Drawings Alone: “As all architects know, your project proposal is only as convincing as the drawings and models that you use to represent it, whether for your client, the planning committee of a town council or the judging panel of a design competition. While your ideas may be brilliant, they are only of value if you can communicate them convincingly to all of those different audiences, crafting an architectural narrative in a clear and compelling manner.”


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