An artistic rendering of how the site of the Santa Monica Beach Restoration pilot project may look post-restoration.

‘Re-wilding’ a Santa Monica beach to protect against sea level rise: “At the north end of Santa Monica Beach, there’s a fenced off 2-acre section that looks a bit unkempt. It’s an experiment in “re-wilding,” or restoring the beach to what it looked like before humans altered it. The pilot project, a partnership of The Bay Foundation and Santa Monica, could also help protect the city from sea level rise.”

Endangered Brodiaea plant produces ‘super bloom’ in hills above Glendora: “This is the last place in Los Angeles County where they exist. And they are flourishing at super-bloom status,” said Ann Croissant, a plant physiologist, botanist, professor emeritus from Azusa Pacific University and the founder and president of the Glendora Community Conservancy.”

How your suburb can make you thinner: “What is it in the landscape of a community that makes people choose to walk? That’s a critical question for those who hope to redesign healthier towns. To get some answers, Saelens and colleagues wired up 700 people in the Seattle area with GPS trackers and mapped their routes when they walked. Then they analyzed what sorts of built environments were along those routes. They found that, roughly speaking, there are two types of walkers…”

All the Trees Will Die, and Then So Will You: “Fusarium dieback is on track to kill 26.8 million trees across Southern California in the next few years, almost 40 percent of the trees from Los Angeles to the Nevada border and south to Mexico. That’s more than just an aesthetic tragedy. It means that thousands of human beings are going to die, too.”

Mega-mansion development is decimating LA County’s tree population: “Many homeowners see greenery as purely ornamental as opposed to having an impact on public health. The rate of asthma is increased in areas where trees are not present because trees are very effective at filtering dust particles.”


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