Climb inside the massive tunnel 60 feet below downtown L.A.: “No hardhat or miner’s light required: A 360 video tour of a Los Angeles subway under construction. Look up. Look down. Look all around as you bore under the city of Los Angeles, 60 feet below the brew pubs and poke shops with a crew of hardhats and the mechanical gopher of a machine that’s clawing out a new subway route.”

Soil Microbes May Be Orchestrating Tree Migrations: “As the climate warms and some tree species shift toward cooler, more hospitable habitats, new research finds soil microbes could be playing a crucial role in determining where young trees can migrate and how well they survive when they arrive.”

The Future Of Cities Is Hidden Beneath Their Streets: “As many urban centers attempt to make themselves safer and greener, more cities are turning to history to rediscover their older selves–digging into a time before the car reigned supreme, when cities were more walkable, bikeable, and livable.”

It’s Already Happening: “Coastal erosion is undoubtedly related to rising sea level. As a consequence of the relative rise in the temperature worldwide, the icecaps are melting, bringing about a rise in the ocean level. In low altitude areas, like Saint Louis, these phenomena cause an overflowing called marine flooding.”

How Singapore Is Creating More Land for Itself: “Twelve percent of the island is occupied by roads. What’s above roads? Nothing! If you put roads under buildings, you free up some land.” Sky bridges and midair concourses are already a part of some public-housing estates. As Wang told me: “In the future, you might see a little town or offices above the expressways. We might create space above our container ports.”


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