The drone’s-eye view: orthomosaic of the Albany Bulb landfill in comparison with satellite and aerial imagery. (Drone image captured with 3D Robotics Solo drone equipped with Sony UMC-R10C camera flown at 200 feet.) Image courtesy of Karl Kullmann.


High Fidelity: Drone mapping fills a missing link in site representation: “Despite unresolved privacy concerns, civilian drones now fulfill everyday roles ranging from flyovers of photogenic landmarks to promotional real estate bird’s-eye views. Likewise, many landscape architects routinely deploy drones for site overviews, design visualization, and completed project documentation. ”

Hate Mowing Your Lawn? Good! Don’t Do It: Ted Steinberg and Shannon Wright make a case for letting go of last generation’s obsession with the big expanse of green lawn out front and back. “It’s environmentally destructive and a huge waste of time. Let it go brown.”

The Myth of a Desert Metropolis: Los Angeles was not built in a desert, but are we making it one?: “The myth of desert Los Angeles suggests that if not for the Los Angeles Aqueduct—and if the city were ever to lose the water that comes from Owens Valley—LA could be Ozymandias: that “colossal wreck, boundless and bare,” around which “the lone and level sands stretch far away,” in the immortal words of the poet Percy Bysshe Shelley. But is Los Angeles the once and future desert? And should the LA Aqueduct be seen as Mulholland’s greatest gift? Or a curse because it gave rise to an ultimately unsustainable metropolis?”

The First Annual International Bamboo Architectural Biennale Explores Material’s Use in Contemporary Design: “Last fall the very first International Bamboo Architecture Biennale premiered in the small village of Baoxi, China, placing eighteen permanent works by twelve international architects within the traditionally agriculture-centered town. The biennale, curated by artist Ge Qiantao and architect George Kunihiro, reveals how the traditional material can be incorporated into contemporary design.”

The Los Angeles Design Festival returns with an emphasis on DTLA: “The seventh Los Angeles Design Festival, June 8-11, will highlight two of those venues — City Market South, a former wholesale produce mart, and the 30-acre Row DTLA, a mixed-use site that received an update recently from Rios Clementi Hale Studios.”


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