Image: Metro Los Angeles

Here’s what the New Metro Station at LAX Will Look Like: “The plan for train service to LAX—something discussed when L.A. was a pueblo—is really, really happening. Metro released renderings of the future 96th Street station on the forthcoming Crenshaw Line and, frankly, they’re glorious.”

The Los Angeles River Cut Loose: “The charrette covered a five-mile area of the river east of downtown Los Angeles, divided into seven sections, one for each firm. (Each firm was assigned its section at random). The city’s goals were to illustrate ways to capitalize on existing waves of development from downtown, and to re-envision the river as a multifunctional node of connection across the entire city.”

2 things I’ve noticed riding Metro Bike: “If you follow Metro on Instagram or Snapchat (@metrolosangeles), you’ve probably seen us incorporating Metro Bike trips into many of our stories set in DTLA. In the process of making these trips I’ve started to notice a few things…”

As LA heat wave bakes Valley, residents say ‘cool pavement’ project is working: “In a city whose summer temperatures have risen an average 10 degrees in the past century because of miles of asphalt, parking lots, roofs and more, officials say the reflective roadways may help dial down an urban oven expected to be made hotter by climate change.”

The Importance of Dynamism in Landscape Architecture: “When you work in a landscape, dynamism is a natural element of it. You have to work with changing uses, changing in the development of plants, things growing, the weather changing the atmosphere of the space. The space is not a constant.”


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