What 20 L.A. Neighborhoods Look Like Through The Eyes Of Metro Artists: : “Since 2003, Metro has been commissioning artists to create unique visions of different L.A. neighborhoods and communities for their “Through the Eyes of Artists” series. Created in the tradition of colorful travel destination posters, the works are displayed on board Metro trains and buses and intended to encourage riders to explore new destinations within the transit agency’s ever-expanding network.”

The Otherworldly Landscape of the Salton Sea in Photos: “The Salton Sea is about 150 miles southeast of Los Angeles, but its landscape could be from another world. Once-bustling marinas in California’s largest lake, located along the San Andreas earthquake fault, are now bone-dry.”

10 Reasons Architects Should Play More Video Games: “As Architects, we often consider several creative pursuits, such as sketching, painting and sculpting, as ways to develop our creative processes and hone our craft. But, have you ever considered that playing video games could hold the same benefits? Probably not, but here are 10 reasons why you should start to.”

A Flower Belongs in a Meadow: “Kazuyuki Ishihara is known around the world for his garden designs. He has won 8 gold medals in various categories at London’s annual Chelsea Flower Show since 2006. In 2016, he received the President’s Award, an honor given to a work chosen from all categories. This year, Ishihara is competing once again, aiming to be the first person to win the President’s Award twice in a row. Tune in and watch his gardening magic.”

One Less Car-centric City: Our new favorite urbanism podcast. “How can we reimagine our streets and turn them into dignified, safe, and healthy places for people? Oslo is on its way to transforming its downtown into a completely car-free district, in an ambitious plan to make the city even healthier through walking, cycling, and public transportation. But even in Oslo they can encounter the usual problems when it comes to business owners and parking concerns.”



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