This Is How Hot Your City Could Be By The End Of The Century: “A new map shows the predicted summer temperature changes in cities around the world, along with what might happen instead if the world manages to make moderate cuts in emissions roughly in line with what’s planned in the global Paris agreement.

Why L.A. Has Clashing Street Grids: “Several distinct political and cultural regimes have passed through Southern California, and each has left its unique mark on the region’s built environment. The result—clashing street grids, along with errant boulevards defying the grids’ attempts at order—is a palimpsest of past cultural influences on the Los Angeles cityscape.”

Here’s every total solar eclipse happening in your lifetime. Is this year your best chance?: “On Aug. 21, a total solar eclipse will be visible from the continental United States. It’ll be the first to traverse coast to coast in nearly a century. There will be 69 total solar eclipses visible from somewhere on the planet in the next 100 years, but only a few will be visible from North America. See how many total solar eclipses are left in your lifetime:”

How Baxter Became One of L.A.’s Steepest Streets: “From Dead Man’s Curve on Sunset to the impossibly short on-ramps of the Arroyo Seco Parkway, Los Angeles roadways offer many opportunities for white-knuckled motoring. But perhaps none is as terrifying – or as thrill-inducing – as Baxter Street. Today, the city caps street grades at 15 percent, and new roads generally conform to the contours of the landscape. So how did such a street as Baxter ever get built?”

Behind the Scenery: The Subtle Art of Crafting Public Wilderness Trails: The National Trails System‘s 30 Scenic and Historic routes alone span over 50,000 miles, longer than the entire Interstate Highway System. Extending across all 50 states, the National Recreation Trails network contains over 200,000 additional miles of public pathways. A person could walk these trails continuously for years and still experience only a fraction of the total system.


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