Image by Dan Hubig for CALmatters

A tale of two regions: In California’s economy, North trumps South — for now: Ouch! “How Los Angeles wound up eating the Bay Area’s dust, at least in economic terms, is a tale of civic and political decisions, demographic circumstance and even global politics. And with the two regions accounting for most of the state’s population and the economic output that makes it a global powerhouse, whether the stark differences widen or narrow will have a huge impact as California meanders further into the 21st century.”

City-Wide Study Shows How Much Water Urban Landscaping Really Uses: “University of Utah scientists have conducted the first study to document landscape water use on a city-wide scale. Among other findings, trees are shown to be an excellent water-saving tool in grassy landscapes.”

White Supremacists Are Waging a War Against Public Space: “The attack also threatens public space, an amenity that is both scarce and necessary for democracy. The idea of the public square is under attack. And the extremist alt-right is waging a campaign to shut down the public square, using both violence and intimidation, especially under open-carry laws.”

Plan for San Joaquin Valley Reservoir to Recharge Groundwater Draws Concern: “The Semitropic Water Storage District proposes building a new reservoir on part of an ancient lakebed, then using it to capture flood flows to recharge groundwater. But others in the region fear it will deprive them of water.”

Artist at Work: Maya Lin: “I went to architecture school because I got labeled as an architect. The architecture professors were having a horror of time because I kept spending more and more time over in the sculpture department, and I don’t tend to think analytically as an architect. I analyze more like a scientist; I’m exploring the Earth, but not necessarily finding meaning and symbolism. Whereas I think with architecture, you get to codify, you understand why you do what you do. In a way, I’m much more interested in that I have no idea what it is or where it will lead to. So I got labeled as an architect…”


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