Photo: Courtesy Bauhaus Archiv

Berliners Are Bringing a Bauhaus Tiny House, a Musical Wall and More to DTLA: The totally gratis two-day event features a curated collection of Berliner creatives in the fields of art, architecture, film, music, food and technology. Berlin Lab functions as the kickoff for Berlin Weeks, an event series taking place in various cultural locales around Los Angeles, with specialized programs including film screenings and talks, art exhibitions and the premiere of the television show Babylon Berlin.

These Robots Know Their Plants: “We wanted these robots to investigate different species of plants,” says Gui DeSouza, an associate professor of electrical engineering and computer science at the University of Missouri’s Vision-Guided and Intelligent Robotics Laboratory. “One plant may respond better to flood conditions, another to extreme heat. We’re essentially trying to correlate the plant’s phenotype, or the plant’s observable behavior during an environmental change, to its shape and physiology.”

Landscape Architects Argue That Sustainable Design Results In Net-Zero HomesLandscape Architects Argue That Sustainable Design Results In Net-Zero Homes: “Landscape architects and clean tech? Sounds like the old nature-versus-society conundrum, doesn’t it? Well, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) says that homeowners can implement cutting-edge methods so that residential landscapes support the environment — no matter the location or property size. And the ASLA is backing up its argument with a series of free online sustainable design guides to help spread understanding about sustainable and resilient residential practices.”

California Today: “Autumn’s First Blush: In contrast to the East Coast, where the autumn hues sweep from north to south, California’s colors parade down the mountains, starting in the high country in September and ending at the palm trees on the desert floor as late as December.”

The Best Garden Podcasts of 2017: “Podcasting is still a land grab, so I hope that in time, there will be podcasts for different horticultural tribes: for the moment, pickings are thinner but there are shafts of light in the gloom. In the meantime, I am addicted to five plant-based podcasts worth hitting subscribe for. Read on for a list of favorites (plus five episodes of non-gardening podcasts that take on a horticultural theme)…”


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