Baca Architects and H+N+S Landscape Architects have turned a peninsula at a bend in the Waal River, near the German-Holland border, into a seasonal island. (Baca Architects)

What Can Cities Do to Go “Blue”?: ““We need to acknowledge that the water is eventually going to do what the water wants to do, and shift our approach, as human populations living on the Earth, from one of trying to dominate nature to one that acknowledges the power of nature and works in synchrony with that,” says English. “We’ve already set ourselves down this path of dams and levees and water control systems, and it’s really hard to turn back. But we don’t need to keep replicating that. We don’t need to make the situation worse. It’s time to step back from the approach of control and fortification.”

Of Walking On Concrete: “The LA river runs for 54 miles and functions as the de facto the spine of the city. People may try and correct me on the mileage and say the river is 51 miles long, but I walked it with my GPS on the whole time. I ended up walking 56 miles but, to be fair, I did get a little lost at one point. If I followed its whole course, I’d walk from Canoga Park in the western San Fernando Valley all the way down to the port of Long Beach: one end of the city to the other.”

Landscape architects now design for mass shootings: “While urban planners and architects can’t hope to stop all the forces that lead to a mass shooting, they can understand how the crowd flees. And they can design spaces to discourage crimes of opportunity and reduce the damage an attacker can do, as this elementary school has. When people have to shelter in place, it is the past work of architects that determines just how safe those places are. Outdoor spaces designed by architects and built with crowd dynamics in mind might save lives when the next concert suddenly turns into a bloodbath.”

Older People Will Need Much Better Transit: “Protected streets, denser neighborhoods, and accessible medical care make urban life safer and healthier for everyone—especially the 65-and-up crowd, one of the fastest growing segments of the U.S. population. By 2030, nearly 20 percent of Americans will be 65 or older, up 6 percent points from 2015.”

How Your Yard Can Help Save Your House from Fire: “Seeing images like these, of a friend’s house in Sonoma, got me thinking about how you can prevent fires through your landscape, a.k.a. “firescaping.” As a homeowner, making a few simple changes to your yard can protect your house from capricious flames and help prevent wildfires from spreading without restraint. Here are a few fire prevention tips.”


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