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The Color of Your City
“Being in a certain atmosphere encourages and empowers people to use color in a certain way. The Los Angeles sunshine is so bright it kind of sucks the color out, freeing you to use bold colors that would look jarring and out of place in a more gloomy place like London.”

How a Retro-Futurist Spends 3 Days in L.A.
“Geoff Manaugh, creator of BLDGBLOG and the author of A Burglar’s Guide to the City, is an architecture and design-focused writer and educator with a particular interest in a style colloquially referred to as ‘retro-futurism.’ He shares his picks for Three Obscure Days in Los Angeles.”

A massive storm flooded Houston. Experts say California’s state capital could be next
“As Northern Californians are recovering from wildfires and sifting through homes reduced to ash, officials in the state’s capital are struggling to prevent another type of natural disaster. Sacramento is more vulnerable to catastrophic flooding than any other major city in the United States except New Orleans, according to federal officials, a threat created by the city’s sunken geography.”

How Anti-Terrorism Design Can Also Make Cities More Livable
“While it’s impossible to fully protect every space where people congregate, the goal, wrote Coaffee, is to make spaces safer without making them feel like they were built for security instead of urban living. “The predominant view that is emerging is that security features should, where appropriate, be as unobtrusive as possible.”

Construction of an inflatable dam on the LA River could begin by January
“Frank Gehry told an audience at Urban Land Institute’s Fall meeting that he’s given up hope on the 51-mile concrete-ridden Los Angeles River. Now, at least one group is trying to prove Gehry wrong. Metabolic Studio is currently awaiting the proper permits to build an inflatable dam near the North Broadway Bridge in hopes that it would help keep more water in the river and reduce wastewater runoff into the Pacific Ocean.”


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