August July 18th, 2017: In Praise of Buckwheat

As 2017 year comes to a close, the AHBE LAB contributors are taking time to look back at our year’s worth of posts. We are each identifying the most memorable post and sharing what we found interesting, informative, and inspiring. Enjoy the flashback, and let us know which post you thought was most memorable.

It was my colleague Katherine’s photos of buckwheat that first grabbed my attention. What is this wirey, yet elegant star dancing on a hillside stage set by summer’s dry conditions?

I was still new to Southern California when I read Katherine’s post, In Praise of Buckwheat. I was immediately drawn to the plant’s presence and beauty that endures at a time when other plants go dormant. Inspired by her post, I began my own hunt to document native buckwheat while hiking and strolling around Los Angeles afterward.

Upon further reflection, I thought deeper about the beautiful subtleties summer dormancy – during the time when most people say, ‘everything is dead’. I began noticing how even the land of endless summer has seasons that manifest in plants like buckwheat. The questions I was left pondering with this new insight about this native plant: How can we as designers use these stars of our dry summer to create a beautiful, natural, and sustainable landscape? How can we best convey the beauty in dormancy?

The original post here: In Praise of Buckwheat