As 2017 year comes to a close, the AHBE LAB contributors are taking time to look back at our year’s worth of posts. We are each identifying the most memorable post and sharing what we found interesting, informative, and inspiring. Enjoy the flashback, and let us know which post you thought was most memorable.

As an avid fan of all things transportation related, including the highly popular High Line in New York City and also our local transportation systems, I particularly remember Cristhian Barajas’, Drosscapes: Railroad Bridges as Community Vantage Points as the most memorable AHBE LAB post this year.

Cristhian’s post is not only an exploration of the history of LA’s train infrastructure, it also investigates and promotes the lines as a potential and prime candidates for re-use as non-vehicular transportation corridors across Los Angeles. Though he notes the challenges designers would likely face in designing for these conditions, I find the possibilities for making these non-vehicular links between communities an inspiring challenge worth undertaking! I would love for AHBE to one day be awarded a rail retrofit project to make Cristhian’s observations a reality.

The original post here: Drosscapes: Railroad Bridges as Community Vantage Points


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