NexLoop unveils water management system inspired by spiders, fungi, bees and plants: “In its quest to sustainably serve the needs of urban farmers, NexLoop found inspiration for its water management system in the natural world. Seeking to create a system that is self-sufficient and adaptable to local needs, the NexLoop team observed the ability of cribellate orb weaver spiders to craft webs that capture water from fog in the air.”

LA is saving storm water instead of getting rid of it:  “The first major storm of the season dumped about two inches of water, but rain in Southern California is a mixed blessing. Prompting mudslides and debris flows, this week’s rains have claimed at least 15 lives, swept away homes and closed major roadways.”

Top Ten Places to Trace the Remains of Pasadena’s Busch Gardens: “Whether it’s the lavish and pristine Huntington Gardens or the exotic and wild Descanso Gardens, southern California has managed to preserve many parcels of significant horticultural history. Unfortunately, we’ve also managed to lose one of the crown jewels of those early private gardens that eventually became public: Busch Gardens in Pasadena.”

These Sneakers Are Your Free Transit Pass: “Starting January 16, Berlin transit authority BVG will release its own limited edition line of sneakers, a project that’s the first of its kind anywhere in the world. A collaboration with Adidas Originals, the sneakers’ tie-in with the subway will be immediately apparent to any Berliner: the heel counters feature the unmistakable seat upholstery pattern featured on the city’s public transit fleet.”

LA’s Grand Central Market: A complete guide: “It is a vibrant and thriving community of multicultural stands and food stops, with 37 vendors in total. Flashy new food halls are marching into Los Angeles, but none can compete with the enduring Grand Central Market. Even after all these years, the lunch hour is so popular, it can be hard to find a seat. Below is a guide filled with insider knowhow and fascinating tidbits; it’s everything you need to know to make the most of your food hall experience.”



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