Why Cities Exist

Nobody Walks in L.A.: The Rise of Cars and the Monorails That Never Were: “As strange as it may seem today, the automobile was seen by many as the progressive solution to the transportation problems of Los Angeles.”

LAX prepares for the opening of the people mover: “Los Angeles World Airports has awarded a $336-million contract to enlarge three terminals and build some infrastructure for the future people mover, an elevated train that will ferry passengers around the airport. The people mover will also provide a direct link between the airport and Metro’s Crenshaw and Green lines via the future Airport Metro Connector 96th Street Station. People mover trains are scheduled to run every two minutes, 24/7, for free.”

The Gentrification of Los Angeles Chinatown: How Do We Talk About It?: “In a rapidly industrializing Los Angeles in the 1930s, the construction of a railroad terminal came at the expense of the “old Chinatown” community. In a rapidly gentrifying Los Angeles today, the development of market-rate projects, rent increases, and evictions threaten to displace Chinatown’s working-class population and their community spaces. The displacement happening in Chinatown today is not new but reflects a history of racist and classist policies that have oppressed and segregated communities of color.”

18 (Los Angeles) Projects to Watch in 2018: “Downtown may not have quite as many mega-projects coming online this year, but that’s not to say the roster is thin. In fact, the development pipeline is packed, and in the next 12 months the community will see the opening of hundreds of housing units, the arrival of at least three hotels, and a cascade of creative office space.”

In Cape Town, ‘Day Zero’ is coming very soon – the day the water runs out: “They’re calling it “Day Zero”. In this city of 4 million, people will have to line up in the streets at just 200 water stations. The police and army will enforce a limit of 6.6 gallons per person and adopt measures to control crowds. Some experts believe evacuations will be necessary. If the city runs out of water, it will be the first major city in a developed country to do so.”


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