The Next Great Urban Reset: “All civilizations get a template and replicate it. It is their ontological imperative. When a template, however, is ill conceived or for all intents is absent, as the ecological urbanists propose, the new system simply unfolds unsuccessfully within the outmoded patterns of the old society. A better approach is to reorient the civilization’s template; to reset the system so it can spin off in a different direction unencumbered by the old patterns.”

Least Resistance: How Desire Paths Can Lead to Better Design: “Informal ‘desire paths‘ can form with as few as fifteen traversals of an unpaved route, creating spontaneous new trails shaped by pedestrians effectively voting with their feet. These paths frequently become self-reinforcing: others intuit the potential advantages of a newly-forming route and follow it, thus eroding it further and enhancing its visibility.”

It’s Official: Construction Underway for Purple Line Extension to Century City: “The latest phase of the heavy rail subway will run approximately 2.6 miles, with stations located at Wilshire Boulevard and Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and at Constellation Boulevard and Avenue of the Stars in the heart of Century City. Construction is already 30 percent complete the first phase of the project, which will extend service 3.9 miles from the Purple Line’s current Wilshire/Western terminus to new stations at Wilshire/LaBrea, Wilshire/Fairfax, and Wilshire/La Cienega.”

Why Race Matters in Planning Public Parks: “Neighborhood connectivity to parks was not a salient issue among park users in these neighborhoods, although this had been a primary finding from the 2014 Master Plan Survey and a favored option of 31 percent of respondents in our closed-ended question. Instead, they envisioned a diverse set of new or improved amenities—most prominently, restrooms and water fountains, and an array of recreational infrastructure—in better maintained and safer parks.”

Paris Plans a Suburban Forest Five Times the Size of Central Park: For its next major assault on bad air, however, the metro area is proposing to deploy an ancient weapon: trees. In fact, it would be using one million of them. These trees would be planted as part of what could yet be this century’s grandest urban and suburban re-greening projects: the creation of a new forest north of the city limits that, at its final 1,350 hectare (5.2 square mile) extent, will be five times the size of New York’s Central Park.


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