Camera trapper hits jackpot with stunning video of 4 mountain lions near L.A.
“What you’re seeing is Limpy and her 10-month-old kittens returning to an area where I hadn’t seen them since November. So when she showed up on my video, and the sun was setting, I was really excited! I was waiting for her eventual return with her new litter.”

6 Cities That Have Transformed Their Highways Into Urban Parks
“Building a highway in a city is often thought of as a solution to traffic congestion. However, the induced demand theory has shown that when drivers have more routes, they choose to continue using this medium instead of using public transport or a bicycle, and as a result, congestion doesn’t decrease. As a result, some cities have chosen to remove spaces designated for cars and turn what was once a highway into urban parks and less congested streets.”

Requiem for a bookstore: Caravan writes its final chapter
“DTLA’s Caravan’s closing is more than the loss of another bookstore. It is the loss of a rare opportunity to get lost, to ignore the signposts of popular culture and discover something new. It helped that Bernstein was always nearby, happy to answer questions, scatter breadcrumbs along the way. The store’s absence — for those inclined to ask — now raises an important philosophical question: How will we learn about something if we never knew it existed?”

Market-Based Solutions Cannot Forge Transformative and Inclusive Urban Futures
“Herein lies a fundamental problem as we look to the future. We know that unless urbanization of the future is very different from current trajectories—especially for a region such as Asia, which is urbanizing rapidly—that our chances of meeting the objectives set out in Paris are extremely limited. We also know that current patterns of urbanization are likely to intensify inequalities and social differentiation. And yet, the “new urban agenda” is not even on the agenda.”

Untapped potential: Increasing diversity in landscape architecture
“Not to make generalizations, but unfortunately, landscape architecture isn’t well-known in the African American community,” she said. “I grew up in the African American middle class. I knew what an architect was, and I actually thought about being an architect. But instead, my undergraduate degree is in painting because I never knew what landscape architecture was.”


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