Arizona-based Local Motors introduced Olli, a 12-passenger van.

How self-driving vans and minibuses will change the transit landscape: “Car ownership is no longer practical. Why own an expensive asset like a car when you can summon one with a switch? Why buy an apartment with a parking spot when you can summon one from a fleet of autonomous vehicles that are ready for people to share?” 

The Curbed guide to Southern California’s deserts: Early spring rain might yet awaken desert blooms. “The Colorado and Mojave deserts span millions of acres, from the dusty Mexico-U.S. border to the poppy fields of the Antelope Valley to the neon of Las Vegas. Here, we turn our attention to the vibrant, curious, and colorful places in LA’s backyard, and the people still trying to preserve and adapt to the arid landscape.”

Beyond the sea wall: a changing climate calls for dynamic solutions: “San Francisco and Christchurch may not exactly be twin cities, but when it comes to rising sea-levels and ground water, they face similar challenges – and an opportunity to rethink coastal protection.”

Landscape Games: “The video game Minecraft has become a new tool for community engagement. The landscapes, created by the kids using the video game Minecraft, were blocky by nature, but three dimensional, and from their laptops, they could explore the park designs from all directions.”

Wildlife corridor will connect O.C. coast to Cleveland National Forest: “Ground was officially broken last week on a $13-million effort to restore a wildlife corridor that will connect the Cleveland National Forest with Orange County wild coastal terrains. The project, in the making for more than two decades, seeks to encourage biological diversity in the animals that dwell in the more than 20,000 acres of coastal chaparral surrounding Laguna Beach.”


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