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Las Pilitas Nursery: Planting Guide for California Native Plants: With arrival of spring, gardening is on the mind of many. But unlike many non-native plants cultivated to thrive with amended soil and additional water delivered by sprinklers or drip irrigation, California natives require some forethought about placement and care to establish their growth. Here’s a helpful (and short) how-to establish California native plants.

Los Angeles: Focus on Urban Design (Not Just Urban Planning): “Los Angeles’ suburban context presents rich opportunities for better urban design, precisely because so much land is underutilized. Ample circumstantial evidence points to L.A. using more than 60 percent of its land for cars. Roads and parking lots consume vast amounts of potential open space—around buildings, between roads and other roads, and even between roads and parking lots. Very little of this land is usable for humans or a valuable contribution to the urban environment.”

Nature Without Biodiversity – Urban Climate Adaptation Has a Blind Spot: “In a study published in the journal Geo: Geography and Environment, researchers led by Natalie Butt, an ecologist at the University of Queensland, reviewed climate adaptation plans from 80 cities around the world. Greenery is ubiquitous in them, but “just 18 percent of the plans assessed contained specific intentions to promote biodiversity,” they found.”

U.S. sets a nationwide goal to end traffic deaths by 2050: “Traffic deaths continue to plague U.S. streets, with pedestrian deaths reaching a 33-year high last year. Now, federal safety agencies are stepping in with an ambitious strategy to completely eliminate road fatalities nationwide by 2050.”

Paving the Way For Iconographic Landmarks: “These places have become landmarks, and their bold, concrete entryways sidewalks, and courtyards have quite literally paved the way for their iconography…see how the creative and innovative use of Stepstone pavers have elevated quintessential Los Angeles locations, both old and new, turning them into emblematic memorials.”


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