Creative Commons photo by Danny Thompson (CC BY 2.0)

The Sparks of Downtown LA’s Boom – What launched DTLA’s transformation?: “The year 1999 was a watershed for DTLA’s redevelopment, beyond just the passing of the Adaptive Reuse Ordinance. That same year also witnessed the completion of STAPLES Center, a sporting arena and events venue in DTLA that may have done as much as anything to spark DTLA’s development boom.”

Mapped: 21 projects rising along the LA River: “The plan to ecologically restore an 11-mile section of the Los Angeles River has put a big, national spotlight on the waterway. Anticipating a revitalization, city and real estate developers have paid attention to the flood channel for years now. The result has been a steady stream of projects—parks, bridges, residential, adaptive reuse, mixed use, and even some glitzy projects by big-name architects.”

Landscape architect Cornelia Hahn Oberlander on why it should be easier to be green: “My passion is to be with nature and introduce people to it from all levels of society. I believe in the therapeutic effects of greenery on the human soul.”

How Designers Can Build for Diversity: “The only way to do really good location-specific work is to spend a lot of time in the research and discovery phase, figuring out the DNA of the place and how your design can tell that story, not a story that can go anywhere else. As designers, we’re able to be the storytellers, to find ways to create places that include everybody’s story and that provide opportunities to learn and be inquisitive and curious about people whose stories differ from our own.”

Visiting this famous Frank Lloyd Wright home? For some fancy wine, you (maybe) can: “The owners of a famous Frank Lloyd Wright home in California are sick and tired of architecture aficionados walking up to their property to glimpse the beauty within. But, with the right bottle of wine, the Millard House’s residents may let curious visitors have a look around.”


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