This SimCity-Like Tool Lets Urban Planners See The Potential Impact Of Their Ideas: “UrbanFootprint makes it easy to run simulations to see how a new plan might change traffic and commute times, the ability of kids to walk to school, access to jobs, energy use, the local economy, health, and carbon emissions.”

Elon Musk Unveils Video of His First Underground L.A. Tunnel: “Angelenos may be able to hitch a ride through town on Elon Musk’s first underground tunnel in just a few months — at least for a very short distance. The entrepreneur offered a glimpse Thursday night of what riders can expect from his proposal to help unsnarl the city’s traffic problems.”

Treeconomics: How to Put a Fair Price Tag on Urban Forests: “Recently, a band of “treeconomists” have begun to put a fair price tag on trees, accounting for the services they provide, from keeping our buildings cool to preventing skin cancer. The results are sometimes startlingly large – and can help people like Rodger plead the case for our cities’ trees.”

The History of Those Beautiful Jacaranda Trees in Bloom Around L.A.: “When you look up at a vibrant purple jacaranda tree—or a bush of bougainvillea, sprout of birds of paradise, or fragrant patch of jasmine, for that matter—you can thank Kate Sessions, a pioneering female horticulturalist who helped make over the natural environment of Southern California.”

We Can’t Forget About Mass Transit When We Talk About the ‘Future of Transportation’: “The best ideas for improving public transportation are simply not flashy. “More buses,” a crass distillation of the more intricate idea of a bus rapid transit system (which is arguably one of the better ways a city can improve the flow of its citizens), is just not as scintillating an answer as “fleet of self-driving cars,” or “flying cars,” or that blasted jetpack. Upgrading existing systems — hell, even our roads — would go a long way in making transportation better in this country.”




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