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Last weekend, the City of Irvine officially reopened the Adventure Playground to the public. A colleague of mine whom I worked with on the playground together at my previous workplace shared this wonderful news with me.

Once an unsanitary mud pit summer camp in the 1970s, the Adventure Playground has come a long way to what it is now today. The combined effort of a strong community advocacy group with the aid of a grassroots movement of residents motivated by the desire to bring natural play for their children helped revive this valuable community gem. The park is now accessible, safe, and friendlier to the environment.


As designers of a highly politicized project, the design process was greeted with various challenges. There were community workshops and a lot of back and forth between stakeholders within the City of Irvine. As a strong community representative, the Defend Adventure Playground group has been at the forefront of Adventure Playground’s revival for many years, participating at the workshops, voicing valuable opinions and concerns about the redevelopment of the new playground and the importance of unstructured play, and really pushing the city to bring back the beloved public park.


Also check out this local blog from Fun Orange County Parks, a site that describes and reviews the new Adventure Playground.

I have not visited Adventure Playground yet, but I plan on going soon. I highly recommend you visit too!