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101 things to love about Los Angeles: “Yes, the weather is perfect. But there are so many more under-the-radar reasons why people love the City of Angels—moments, places, and experiences that make living here so pleasant and unbelievably magical that sometimes it’s hard to tell whether you’re still alive or have died and gone to heaven. Let’s count the ways we love LA.”

Coded Geographies: “What if the stories L.A. told about itself relegated you to the margins? This episode explores two underground guidebooks — The Negro Travelers’ Green Book and The Address Book — that reveal the hidden geographies many Angelenos had to navigate, exposing Los Angeles as a place of coded segregation and resistance.”

Not Gone. Yet.: “In a time of great upheaval for the United States, it is hard to keep track of the many risks to our national landscapes. Even our nationally recognized and federally protected sites are under threat from privatization or lax oversight, making them vulnerable to destructive practices that place monetary gain over equitable enjoyment of parkland. Open Season on Open Space, this year’s Landslide program from the Cultural Landscape Foundation, minces no words on this subject, calling out municipalities, states, and the federal government for undermining a century’s worth of progress for our public lands, parks, and national monuments.”

This great L.A. walk takes in architectural gems, and fine city views: “An important L.A. architectural artifact and a small public green space, hidden in the heart of East Hollywood, are the backdrop for this short stroll in the Barnsdall Art Park. It’s mostly flat, but involves several staircases. Shady on a hot day, this 36-acre park offers fine views of the city and a lovely lawn for picnics.”

City approves final plan for education center at Deukmejian Wilderness Park: The 26-year-old vision for an education center at Deukmejian Wilderness Park in north Glendale is one step closer to reality, following a vote by the Glendale City Council Tuesday. The 709-acre park near the San Gabriel Mountains has 7 miles of recreational trails. About 12 of those acres are home to a park center and the historic Le Mesnager Barn, built between 1914 and 1918, according to city documents.

As 2017 year comes to a close, the AHBE LAB contributors are taking time to look back at our year’s worth of posts. We are each identifying the most memorable post and sharing what we found interesting, informative, and inspiring. Enjoy the flashback, and let us know which post you thought was most memorable.

I believe the skill of an artist derives from the combination of their passions with a devotion to practice. It’s not something that’s visible every day (maybe following a writer who blogs daily), and it’s usually done behind the scenes, often gone unnoticed and even unappreciated.

Jenni’s interview with Chuan – complete with her “sketch calendars” shown behind her monitor – captured the development of her tremendous sketching/designing skill that is evident to the entire office. Her skill has been a constant inspiration to me in the development of my writing, sketching, and designing abilities – a practice I believe should be a daily practice within our profession: to create something every day.

The original post here: AHBE Lab Interviews: Chuan Ding – Sketching: Praxis & Pleasure