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Skip the Artificial Turf – The Value of Native Plants and the Truth About Fake Grass: “Though it may seem drought-smart, artificial turf has a big negative impact on our watersheds, creating run-off that pollutes our beaches and rivers and fails to replenish groundwater supplies, while also starving our soil of the life it needs to flourish.”

Study Finds Evidence of Multicentury Drought: “Cal State Fullerton’s Matthew E. Kirby, who studies past climates, found that Southern California has experienced multicentury drought periods over the last 3,000 years.”

The Decline of the British Front Garden: “My next door neighbour completely covered the front garden with crazy paving, as mine mostly is now. The whole street is crazy paved. I’m the only one who has any garden to speak of on my side.”

More Than Just a Drop In the Bucket: “The average family of four uses an astonishing 146,000 gallons of water per year.” But picking the right shower heads, toilets, washers, faucets, and dishwashers, tens of thousands of gallons of water can be collectively saved.

Drought Spinoff: Dead Orchards May Go Up in Smoke: “The San Joaquin Valley’s tainted air might be getting an extra dose of soot and ozone-forming gases this spring as growers wrestle with the woody waste from dead citrus orchards.”