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Silver Lake Reservoir photo by Michael Kansas Sebastian/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Silver Lake Reservoir in happier full capacity times. Photo by Michael Kansas Sebastian/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Recycled Water, Groundwater to Refill Silver Lake Reservoir: A recent AHBE Lab post about the future of the Silver Lake Reservoir pondered where the water to refill and maintain the Reservoir would come from. Now we know: “Recycled wastewater and groundwater will most likely be used to refill Silver Lake Reservoir by this time next year, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power officials told a community meeting Thursday night.”

Rising Tides: Designing Resilient Amenities for Coastal Cities: “Some developers are making the strategic decision to not purchase on waterfronts or in flood zones, and yet other projects close to water are choosing to demonstrate innovation and lead the way because people love being near the water. Water is a magnet.”

California is backsliding on water conservation. L.A. can’t and won’t follow suit: “…the state’s conservation efforts are already backsliding. Urban water savings dropped significantly in July from last year’s mandatory program. Here in the Southland, the most glaring example of this new freedom to waste comes from Malibu-Topanga area residents, who use an average of 254 gallons of water per day — more than 8% higher than a year ago and more than five times higher than residents in Huntington Park, Paramount and East LA.”

More Developers Kick Parking Lots to the Curb: Bad news for car owners: “Developers in more U.S. cities are reducing the amount of parking spaces included in new projects as local authorities seek to encourage the use of mass transit and free up space for parks, housing or other uses.”

A Glorified Sidewalk, and the Path to Transform Atlanta: “Could this traffic-clogged Southern city, long derided as the epitome of suburban sprawl, really be discovering its walkable, bike-friendly, density-embracing, streetcar-riding, human-scale soul?”