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Photo: Jennifer Salazar

Yesterday marked the Autumnal Equinox, the seasonal transition when the sun rises directly in the east and sets directly in the west. Starting from today, the sun will rise and set further and further to the south. In the northern hemisphere, this means fewer hours of sunlight and less direct sunlight. Autumn marks the transition between the hot days of summer and the cooler days of winter.

Some of the AHBE staff shared what they are looking forward to during this autumn season in Los Angeles:

Creative Commons Photo: (Floss Silk Tree) 美人樹 | by Hildegard_Chen

Creative Commons Photo: (Floss Silk Tree) 美人樹 | by Hildegard_Chen

“Love seeing the orchid-like flowers blooming from Floss Silk Trees for fall; crisp fall mornings, pumpkin patches sprouting up randomly in the city.”
Wendy Chan

“Fall gardening: removing plants that are dead/don’t work, clipping plants, weeding, soil amending, and, of course, shopping and planting new plants.”
Linda Daley
Managing Principal

“I just love the eerie autumn sound of the Santa Ana Winds as it blows through the San Gabriel Valley canyons and through its valley floor. Not sure how the winds do it, but at night, the houselights, street lights and stop lights around the valley seem to sparkle as if they were reflection of the stars above. Cannot wait to brew some hot coffee late into the night just to sit back and enjoy the show.”
Katharine Rudnyk
Urban Horticulturalist

“I am looking forward to cooler weather and I keep praying for rain.”
Jenni Zell
Project Manager


Photo: Jennifer Salazar

“Picking pomegranates from our backyard shrub and making grenadine; cooler morning weekend hikes with my family in the hills with clearer views of the city and beach; and hopefully some more rain!”
Jennifer Salazar
Senior Associate