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A month ago I posted how my wife and I use water gathered while waiting for the shower to warm up to feed our front yard vegetables garden. I wanted to share as an update that my garden has successfully produced several zucchini casseroles and way too many tomato salads. In other words, our bath water was used well.

However, there is one garden feature in the backyard that is exempt from bath water for refilling: our birdy bath. We give ourselves permission to fill up our bird bath using potable water once a week, all in the hopes of attracting the local bird population for us to observe. My wife has been a bird lover since her childhood in Hawaii, and needless to say, our garden is filled with an assortment of wild bird attractors. Bird feeders, bird houses and our bird bath all together make for a fun way to observe all sorts of wild bird species, including finches, hummingbird, sparrows, doves, and even the scorned pigeons and crows. We even get an occasional blue jay when we put out peanuts. But our bird bath is a reminder how precious water is to life, whether winged or not.