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Last week the AHBE Lab team focused on several landmark and memorable trees. Inspired by last week, I want to share a few photographs of trees often overlooked or forgotten – majestic, yet unrecognized and unheralded trees found across my travels. It makes me think of the unsung heroes in our everyday lives that do all the heavy lifting and hard work each and every day, recognizing only a few ever get featured or notarized because of their unique quality. These photos are in celebration of these “forgotten trees”.










Shot last week near the City of Vernon.  All photos by Calvin Abe.

Shot last week near the City of Vernon. All photos by Calvin Abe.

There is nothing sexier then the Los Angeles River right now. Especially with the “Billion Dollar” figure attached to it, the Los Angeles River is definitely the talk of the town.

This week also marks another momentous occasion in Washington D.C. with the opening of the Cuban Embassy. Things will never be the same in Cuba, just as the LA River will transform into a positive urban amenity for Los Angeles residents.

The two events mark a long transformational process that will bring new ideas, new connections, and new experiences to the world. These photographs I took recently while in Vernon, CA is an exploration of the LA River that brings humanity and beauty within its river edges. Please meet “LA River Princess Gwen”.

LA River Princess Gwen II

LA River Princess Gwen III

LA River Princess Gwen V

LA River Princess Gwen VI-2

LA River Princess Gwen IV