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Welcome to the first of our Cal Poly Pomona Coastal Resiliency posts featuring 4th year undergraduate students in the Landscape Architecture program. 

Julie Elise and SCMI's Adriana taking H2O quality readings.

Julie, Elise, and SCMI’s Adriana working together to take H2O quality readings offshore in Long Beach.

The students are barreling toward mid-terms (such is the student life in a quarter system), having completed their initial research and visited the project area in Long Beach. As these students learn and process the problems of sea level rise to a coastal community, their first impressions of the class are ones of almost awe and reverence at the issues at hand:

Student Elise A. writes:

“When I think of Long Beach, I think of the bright sun light and the spectacular cityscape along the seashore, and that is pretty much it. Even though I have been aware of the issue of sea level rise, it is still hard to imagine some local and historic parts of the city submerged in water in less than 100 years.

Even though regretful, I am excited at the same time to see what landscape architects, along with urban planners, civil engineers, architects and other professionals can do to mitigate this inevitable situation in a regional if not global scale. I can already see the more sustainable and responsive shore of Long Beach, transformed by innovative designs and renewable energy sources.”