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What do you see when you read this island?

Flying home earlier this year, having drank too many Frescae, I was staring out the window when an island came into view. It was a bright and clear summer day and the island was well-framed in the water. What is this place? As an ardent cartogrivore, I did not recognize it.

With a few minutes until landing, I took out my iPhone and as an exercise in landscape interpretation and reading land use patterns, I began to scan it for clues: fields, roads, some boat traffic, the alignment of the roads, the location of the structures, an air strip, a dock …?

What do you see when you read this island?

Send me – via email or in the comments below – your thoughts, theories, and interpretations. The country or continent I was flying over is not important (Hint: I am not flying over the USA.). I am going to gather the responses and incorporate them in a video – tentatively titled How To Read An Island – and share the results later this fall.