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Image: Heejae Lee

Image: Heejae Lee

Examining landscape renderings is an integral part of my profession as a landscape architect. One day it might be of a proposed ecological park showcasing wildlife grazing in the distant sunset, another day it could be an urban streetscape presented with pedestrians and various modes of transportation in imagined motion. Ultimately the finished project isn’t judged and appreciated solely by its physical appearance, but also the ephemeral emotions delivered by that space.

With any landscape rendering composites of people, animals, and trees amongst other elements are stitched together. Piece by piece, a desired visual narrative is developed through a carefully curated selection of cropped landscapes and other images. Through the process of creating these visual landscapes professionally, I’ve collected my own archive of digital elements.

Vintage PhotograpghOver the weekend I visited a local flea market between the intersection of Melrose and Fairfax. I often come here to browse through the various oddities and vintage trinkets on display. One of my favorite booths is a particular tent situated in the back of the flea market, a vendor peddling boxes of vintage postcards, portraits, and photographs. Looking through these images I often find myself imagining a common theme to tie them together, maybe by color, or composition, or subject matter.



My digital archive of Photoshopped images I’ve collected over the years is oddly similar to the vintage photographs I peruse and collect from the Sunday flea market. In both ways I’m unconsciously curating my own selection of vignettes to add to a collection for the purpose of rendering a landscape, one by hand, another by computer.

The images above showcase the work of artist j.frede and his “fictional landscapes”. His artistic expressions seem to bridge the divide between the digital landscapes of my professional work and the physical vintage photographs I so treasure in my personal life. I believe there’s much to explore within the realm which exists between the digital and physical…or at least something interesting to think about.