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Living in the Valley doesn’t seem so bad in this scenario.

Seattle cartographer Jeffery Linn wants to introduce you to the Hollywood Landing, Miracle Mire, Drowney, Topanga Lagoon, and Knott’s Oyster Farm. This is Southern California after an imagined maximum sea level rise caused by global warming, where the Santa Monica Mountains and Hollywood Hills become prime coastal real estate, and most of the Los Angeles basin disappears into shallow waters. Linn’s map shows what would happen with a predicted 215′ of sea level rise.


San Diego after an imagined 215′ sea rise.


Click chart for larger view.

He’s created ten other maps: San Diego, the Coachella Valley, Asia, Boston, Seattle, Portland, New York, Vancouver, Montreal, and London, with more in the works (Linn says he hopes to reimagine the whole globe). The original map were done using data from the USGS, representing an estimated maximum sea level rise of about 260′, then redone again with more accurate data sourced from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Estimates [right].

Linn says, “These maps are an extreme scenario, and it would probably happen thousands of years in the future. I think that the real damage comes long before this extreme final point…I hope that the dramatic nature of these maps, and sort of the humorous take on things might get into the minds of more people than might otherwise think about this”

Palm Springs and the reshaped Coachella Valley.

Palm Springs and the reshaped Coachella Valley.

Crossing the Continental Divide in "From Sea To Shining Sea"

Crossing the Continental Divide in “From Sea To Shining Sea”

Two themes that have permeated all of my films have been the concepts of travel and journey. This explains the extensive use of animated cartography and dashboard perspectives in my work, an extension of my love for maps, animation, and computer graphics.

Approaching San Francisco in "From Sea To Shining Sea"

Approaching San Francisco in “From Sea To Shining Sea”

Illustrating this love: while funding From Sea To Shining Sea, I put together a compilation of clips from my films – maps from Beijing to Baton Rouge. These include the animated TripTiks® in Fansom the Lizard; the Buckydome from Scenic Highway (and later A Necessary Ruin); Matt Clayfield’s backwards Dutch pidgin speak coupled with a bit of winklecomplexen in 39-A; and Lobot’s journey across Asia, Europe, and the Atlantic in I Am An Artist. There are also clips from Vert, Pavlov’s Bell, Pavillion Dans Les Arbres – and of course the Telly-vision army marching across the UK in Telly.

I am currently working on some beautiful animated maps of Iceland for use in Hringvegur.

Closing bonus: As a landscape architect, I have the opportunity to spend my days creating site plans – aka maps.