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A landscape is an experience.

Traveling through any space is an invitation to reflect and learn more about an environment – and in turn, about your city and yourself. When a landscape offers a place for reflection and incorporates formal educational programming, the space additionally becomes a learning space. An active education program can take the form of demonstration gardens, inter-operative signage, interactive features, etc.

Photos: AHBE

A series of gardens and courts at the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools was designed by AHBE – a procession of passive spaces inviting reflection – to serve as a stage in memorial, commemorating Kennedy’s legacy to social justice. The school’s 24-acre site is where the Ambassador Hotel once stood, the site of Kennedy’s assassination in 1968, while the park itself inhabits about one third of an acre along the school’s frontage parallel with Wilshire Boulevard.

Although Inspiration Park’s “rooms” include an outdoor classroom space, much of the linear park is designed as a classroom with a series of walls adorned with inspirational quotes from Robert F. Kennedy. These contemplative spaces were developed in coordination with artists May Sun and Richard Wyatt, adding an educational layer to create a truly experiential landscape. Also included in the design is a restored pylon from the original hotel and palm grove.

The sum the space provides a beautiful and much needed open space along Wilshire, giving the community a contemplative space inspired by the life, legacy, and words of Robert F. Kennedy.