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Pokémon GO Taught Me More About The Town I Live In: Has Nintendo inadvertently created the most successful tool for getting people to explore their city? “Exploration has always been at the heart of the Pokémon series. A young person strikes out on a monster collecting adventure, learning about the world around them along the way. My brief time with the Pokémon Go felt like that, albeit on a slightly smaller scale.” And for our fellow Angelenos, here are a few famous locations where Pokémon have been discovered throughout our city.

Could part of the 2 Freeway become an elevated park as part of a movement to remake L.A. freeways?: Stoss Landscape Urbanism’s proposal for the 2 Freeway spur includes paths for pedestrians and bicyclists and a rain capture system.

Huge timber steps form bridge built by students across a river in rural China: A beautiful stepped timber bridge was built by a team of architecture students from the University of Hong Kong to provide a meeting place for residents of a rural community in southern China.

“Don’t Be a Dick” May Just Be the Best Motto Yet for Urban Designers: “In the past few years, the number of community-engaged design projects has boomed. Buoyed by good intentions and the recognition that resources in urban landscapes are still unequally distributed, designers, planners, architects and other professionally trained technical experts are working with impacted communities to prevent further harm and built more equitable cities…Dick & Rick: A Visual Primer for Social Impact Design was created with the intention of encouraging professionals in the field to practice self-reflection, remain aware of power dynamics and stay focused on an ultimate goal of advancing racial, economic and social justice in every decision made.”

How to remake the L.A. freeway for a new era?: It seems like reimagining Los Angeles freeways and turning them into health and community beneficial spaces is on the minds of many right now. L.A. architect Michael Maltzan’s offers his plan is to wrap the 134 Freeway as it crosses the Arroyo Seco in Pasadena with a tunnel-like form.