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Culver City mural. All photos by Heejae Lee.

A few weeks ago my colleague Wendy posted, “Capturing Los Angeles in 27 Exposures“, sharing our team’s ongoing photographic assignment devised to document each of our unique perspectives about Los Angeles.

Equipped with a disposable camera and 27 exposures, my film roll of Los Angeles revealed a gravitation towards public art – specifically street art and murals. I had captured various types of artwork across the city – ranging from Downtown, the Arts District, Culver City, across to West LA – each conveying messages reflective of their respective communities. Murals aren’t just visual landmarks, but also the means in which distinct communities can communicate their unique spirit, voices, and concerns. I find that these expressions of art are always present if you look in the right places, snapshots of the people and their voices all too often missed as we speed by in our cars.

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