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AHBE-Burbank Water and PowerToday, a video about a series of sustainable green infrastructure projects at the SITES certified Burbank Water and Power EcoCampus – including photovoltaic parking lot canopies, a green street demonstrating innovative stormwater treatment technologies, and a courtyard built around a salvaged electrical substation.

Burbank Water and Power

Sustainable features include five different types of water filtration technologies:  infiltration, flow-through, detention, tree root cells, and rainwater capture.  The campus also features one of the longest “green streets” in Southern California, running across three contiguous city streets. The “green street” acts as a filter before runoff enters the storm water system.  By California law, all projects are required to mitigate at least the first ¾ inches of rainfall, the water that collects all the dust, pollution and other toxins that accumulate on non-permeable urban surfaces such as streets and roofs.