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Have You Eaten Your Last Avocado?: “The avocado’s native environment is tropical, and we’re growing them in a desert.” It takes 72 gallons of water to grow a pound of avocados, compared to, for instance, nine gallons to grow a pound of tomatoes.

California Landscape Architects’ Strategies Hold Water: In spite of unprecedented drought and new water consumption regulations, local landscape architects are ahead of the curve.

UAMA exhibit focuses on changing landscape: Contemporary and historical pieces — most from the UAMA’s permanent collection — contrast one another throughout the exhibit, “Changing Views: Queering U.S. Landscapes”, showing how nature still thrives amid the tests of human economical, political and environmental influence.

Cricket Protein Bars Are Almost Here: Icelandic designer and entrepreneur Búi Bjarmar Aðalsteinsson wants to make edible bugs an everyday thing. His company Crowbar Protein will soon offer a protein bar made, in part, out of cricket flour.

Honest Subway Announcements: “Ladies and Gentlemen: We are experiencing a momentary delay because of train traffic ahead of us. “Momentary” being something of a nebulous term, admittedly. Why, compared to the vast expanse of time, your entire life is a moment.”