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When I was filming From Sea To Shining Sea in 2013, one of the things I wanted to capture was how different landscapes sound. So every time we stopped the car to reset the camera and download footage, we recorded a minute or so of wild sound – whatever was happening around in the environs.Since we were on the side of the road it was usually the rumble of cars and 18-wheelers whizzing by. However, as I was editing together the audio collage, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that the sound of the landscape changes: one hears seabirds on the Virginia coast; the rain in Indiana; the rumble of the Golden Gate Bridge; the barfly chatter in Kentucky; the vast emptiness of Nevada; the crickets in Kansas; the canyons in Colorado.

Enjoy this audio collage – I hope to do the same thing in Iceland.

In 2013, I celebrated Landscape Architecture Month by running a Kickstarter campaign to fund my first feature film – From Sea To Shining Sea – a contemporary portrait of the USA experienced via a cross-county time-lapse video and audio collage. By watching the film, one essentially takes the journey itself, from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and gains a greater appreciation for the sheer beauty of the American landscape. 

I continue to look for new ways to communicate landscape via video, so I am celebrating World Landscape Architecture Month 2015 with a follow-up Kickstarter project: Hringvigur. This is envisioned as a circumnavigation of Iceland along the country’s Ring Road. If the project is successful, I plan to shoot in August 2015 and complete my second feature film by the end of the year.