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This is a time-lapsed circumnavigation of Los Angeles. From Downtown to the Eastside, down along the Alameda corridor to Long Beach and the Port, up to LAX, through the Sepulveda Pass and into the San Fernando Valley, all along the Verdugo Mountains, down the Glendale Freeway and past Dodger Stadium, then down, around, and back again to Downtown.

120 miles in 2 hours compressed into 7 minutes.

An iteration of this video was commissioned by the A+D Museum, Los Angeles, as part of the “Come In! S,M,L,XLA” group installation (June 19th – September 14th, 2014) – an exhibition of spatial interventions reflecting on the inquiry of scale. We, the participant artists, were tasked with using Rem Koolhaas’ seminal text as a starting point for the inquiry – using Los Angeles as the subject.

The audio commentary and Q&A is from the world premiere screening of my film “From Sea To Shining Sea“, and is courtesy the National Building Museum who hosted the event on April 6, 2014.

Hint: for a truly immersive experience, it’s even more fun with headphones.