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Bryce National Park

I just returned from a short trip to two incredible National Parks in Utah: Bryce and Zion National Park. After an eight-hour drive from LA to Bryce Canyon, I parked the car and rushed out to finally see this place that everyone had always talked about.

I walked to the edge and stood in awe. It was more beautiful then I imagined.

Bryce is known for its amazing odd-shaped pillars of rock formations called “Hoodoos”, alongside its incredible array of rainbow colors. The morning and evening sunlight made the rocks almost appear to have an almost florescent glow. I was fortunate on my last evening at Bryce to experience a full moon rise at sunset. What a special moment it was.


After spending 3 days at Bryce, I decided to head over to Zion National Park which was about an hour 1/2 south. Zion is Utah’s first National Park. Where as Bryce was mostly about the view looking down into the canyon, Zion is experienced from the base of the canyon with views looking up. The two parks compliment each other very nicely.


I treated myself and stayed at the Zion Canyon Lodge. However, the highlight of my stay in Zion was my 3-mile hike down a canyon called “Narrows”. As its name implies the trail heads down a narrow canyon that is only accessible by foot through a running stream. I literally had to walk through water at depths ranging between 12” to 3 feet. It would have been scary, but there were plenty of fellow park adventurers who often assisted each other on the best walking path. I found the spatial and reflective light in the canyon amazing. It was a great experience that everyone should try.

Well, my short trip to these beautiful National Parks ended with my long drive home. With plenty of time to think there was a moment near Barstow when I had a thought and smiled: “Isn’t it amazing that this country has preserved these special places for all of us…forever?”

Thanks, National Parks!


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